Since coming to the market, Adidas’ Yeezy has been positioning as high-end, luxury product. One pair of Yeezy would be several thousand, which is almost the price of a good cellphone. Many people don’t understand that a sneaker can be sold at such a high price and there are still so many people seeking for it. And the people go to buy the sneaker are in an endless stream.

Actually, there is no strict rule to measure if the sneaker is sold a high or low price. Although the price of Yeezy starts at about 2000RMB, which seems to be expensive, it is quite reasonable when you think carefully about this.

Firstly, we know that every single sneaker applied with middle leveled technology of the top brands would be sold at least 600RMB. And people have got used to this. Yeezy is the latest new sneaker version of Adidas, with quite great technologies. And its materials and processing are represents the bets skills of Adidas.

Secondly, the outline of the sneaker somehow decides its final price. For those co-works, the prices would be two levels higher than 600. What’s more, every single yeezy had Kanye behind, who is so arrogant and brilliant. With the crown of this great man, the price of Yeezy cannot be that low.

Lastly, the production of Yeezy is also one of the factors that limit it lowering the price. There are so many people seeking for the Yeezy as soon as it goes for sale in the market. No matter people seek for the technology, the outlines or for Kanye, anyway, the supply of Yeezy always cannot meet its demand. Someone wants to buy the sneaker but they don’t have the chance to get one. Then someone else would make the price higher. In this way, the price of Yeezy is always rising.

In general, Yeezy does have a point to have an expensive price, no matter from its cost, design or the effects of the great man. Just like the Adidas sneakers with ultra boost technology, they are usually sold above 1000. As for Yeezy, its price cannot be lower than 1000 RMB because of some reasons, Yeezy would only go further and further at the luxury road.

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