When it comes to the occasion that the shoes are difficult to buy, then Adidas is considered to be the best example, the sports series of Yeezy that Kanye West and Adidas jointly release are entitled by publics as Yeezy shoes, the addiction of the Yeezy for the shoes amateur makes it be a unaffordable product, but why the shoes with high price and the unattractive appearance can be pursued by publics?

Adidas can be counted as the top one erecting in the pyramid for stylish culture. The co-branded design in more recent reinforces the attentions for Adidas, to make the co-branded products be the faddish ones for publics to pursue, whereas the mediocre individuals are discouraged from the high price.

The value for the brand is a prominent factor having influence on price. Adidas is a manufacturer for the sports brand in Germany. Proceeding from producing the shoes to inventing the spikes that the football players are passionate about, as well as occupying a certain position in various items of sports, which enables the value for the brand to be promoted constantly.

The shoes are being more faddish with the sales way of Adidas. With less sales amount for products but large demands, the price gets higher, which is equivalent to promote the value of the shoes to some degree, this is a momentous reason why the price of the shoes is high.

With the popularity of the stylish culture these years, it is widely accepted by the individuals. The demand of the “stylish” product for the individuals increases, while Adidas which is counted as the sign of the “stylish” culture is in the top position, being increasingly prevailing for the individuals.

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