Kanye West was crazily posting on Twitter to expose many new designs of Yeezy, and today he is continuing, exposing two completely new single products for us. Two sneakers, one is Wave Runner styled sneakers which is highly paid attention to by Sneakerheads. But it is different from the 700 we have seen. It is more similar to the white version which is worn by Kanye himself. The white-grey shoe body is matched with black big sole. The lines of the shoe body are very special, and it looks like corduroy.

The other sneaker is high heel, and Kanye names it as “Track pants boots”. It is a super high boot made of Nylon. It looks like you wear the Track Pants in the opposite direction. Probably, only Kim Kardashian can hold it. Now let’s look forward to more exposes from Kanye.

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