As is known, Adidas is the creator of the Yeezy series. Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian are frequently wearing Yeezy sneaker, making Yeezy popular.

It is also known that Yeezy would have its peak at the end of the year. With a series of new colors coming, people are much fonder of the Yeezy. Recently, Knaye is wearing a new completely new Yeezy 700 Boost.

It looks like Yeezy 700, but they are different. Because the design of the show face of this sneaker is a little different from the Yeezy 700. However, the outline is similar to Yeezy 700 in general.

It is said that this sneaker might be called as Yeezy 700 Boost VX, but the color of the sneaker face would be more different and there wouldn’t be so complicated details. The 3M reflective letters would be on the shoe body, which is the characteristic of 700!

This new sneaker is designed by two master designers among the sneaker field. One is Christian Tresser, who is the designer of classic sneaker Reebok DMX Daytona and Nike Air Max 97. The other one is Steven Smith, who is the chief designer of YEEZY brand.

What are your ideas on this completely new Yeezy sneaker? Don’t you think it is more charming than the Yeezy 700, which is just release this year?

However, we don’t have the news on its sales. Let’s continue to wait!

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