In the past, we have reported several times that the completely new colored Yeezy 500 “Salt” will come at the end of this year. The real object, which has been exposed, looks almost the same as the first released. Some fans even wonder if the editor has posted the wrong picture.

Today, the editor will bring you a series of pictures of the latest real objects, which are worn on feet. They should be the clearest pictures for now, and you can see some differences.

The chamois of the shoe face is khaki, which is similar to “Blush”, the color of the first released ones. However, the net fabric of the shoe face and shoe bottom are light grey, which seem to be a little green. It is obviously different from the color of chamois. This is the most difference from “Blush”.

However, in different lights, the difference of the colors might not be so obvious. The picture of the real objects, which is exposed in the past, loos almost the same as the first released ones. The prices of the first released ones are so high, and it is so good to release a similar substitute.

It is predicted to be released in November. We will follow up the latest news and report at the first time.

adidas Yeezy 500 “Salt”

Item No.: EE7287

Date for sale:Nov. 2018

Price for sale:$200 USD

The previously exposed pictures of the real objects

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