We have to turn our attention to Kanye West again. It seems that he still plans to stand on the top of the fashion in 2018. It is worth paying attention to that he goes to see a fashion leader recently. Artiest– Takashi Murakami has been the focus of many people for long. His works, especially those like sunflower, make high identifications. Besides, what needs to be known is that he post some picture on his INS. It can be clearly seen in the photo that he stands with Kanye while wearing sacai x The North Face, which makes people guess a lot. Not long before, Takashi Murakami cooperates with Off-White™ and designed the completely new T-shirts, which is started from Shakespeare for creation. This time, is the get-together with Kanye indicating the new cooperation! You need to know that people are already looking forward to the classic LV x Takashi Murakami. It is also worth expecting that if the cooperation with Kanye would start from the Yeezy series. If it is true, then it would be such a good news!

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