For now, the boost shoe sole technique of Adidas, which was of great popularity two years now, is not that mysterious or worth attention. It is no longer a new or popular technique now. Gradually, Adidas brings the boost middle shoe sole technique to everyone. With the boost sneaker, basketball shoe, fashion shoes becoming more and more common, Adidas is giving a new technique as the basis for its sneakers in the following years.

In this way, 4D sneaker, which was seen as the black technique with a very low productivity, comes into our views now. With the first releasing of 4D sneaker—alpha, Adidas soon exposes its character—4D sneaker with middle shoe sole in completely new design.

According to the exposed news and pictures, we can see the completely new 4D sneaker. The design of the shoe face is completely different from the released 4D sneaker. This time, the sneaker face is matched by various materials. And their colors are pretty bright.

The main tone of the sneaker face is grey and white. The symbol three lines of Adidas are melt into the grey PK net of the sneaker. There is chamois connecting at the ankles. And there are the official codes of this new 4d sneaker printed on the chamois. The sneaker face at the little toes is used chamois outside to make it more stable.

This time, the design of this new item of Adidas, 4d sneaker, is more complicated than it was just released. From the pictures, you can see three shoe soles of different colors. The dark green one is printed directly in the 4d middle shoe sole, which connects the ground. The red rubber sneaker sole decorates the outer and the end of the sneaker. The other parts are all used the black rubber with various changes in the design of its patterns.

After the presentation of the 4d sneaker of Adidas, we should have a look at its competitor—Nike. What will Nike do to compete with Adidas? In 2017, as soon as the release of Nike VaporMax, the sneaker soon became a hot topic by its great wearing feel and the huge air pad. 2.0vapormax, which is released this year, increases the stability of vapormax but it has few changes from the basis.

According to the exposed pictures of Air VaporMax 2019, the design of the shoe face of the vapormax 2019 version has been greatly improved. First of all, the connecting of the sewing in the shoe face is used silver for decoration. Second, the materials used this time for vapormax is no longer the Flyknit material, which was used in the first two generations. It is used the semi-crystal materials, which is favored by Nike recently in its running sneakers. At the sneaker tongue, there sews the cloth with the information of this sneaker. The design of the full air pad has little change except that the color is chosen grey. There are letters “vapormax” printed at the end of the sneaker hole. There are orange tpu supportors to support the sneaker face.

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